PULL is design excellence.
It is the tension between concept and execution,
the attraction of one creative mind to another; and
the magnetism of great ideas that stick.

This is PULL, our year-end show for 2017.

Check out new talent.
April 26.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Student Awards Ceremony
1–2:30 pm
290 Adelaide Street East, Rm 406

Open House
3–4:30 pm
230 Richmond Street East

VIP Industry Reception
4:30–6 pm
230 Richmond Street East
(invitation only)

6–9 pm
230 Richmond Street East

The 2017 Year End Show identity PULL was developed by Graphic Design alum Mark Bain based on a student concept and executed by students in their final semester.

PULL is part of ShowGBC, a series of events showcasing talent from the 2017 graduating students across George Brown’s Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology.

Check out new talent.
April 26.

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